Monday, June 28, 2010

Blankety Blank

Anyone who has a companion cat knows whereof I speak.
I got up to clean up HER hairball she urked. As I was in the kitchen disposing of said object, I returned to my chair and magazine to find a head turned towards me, green eyes looking at me straight in the eyes, two pink silk lined ears sticking straight up and there she my chair!
You know, you can't leave your chair without a cat taking advantage of it and getting into the warm spot you made before you can blink an eye!! I had to watch the rest of the basketball game (UT won!!! Go VOLS!) from the cold vantage point of the couch!!!
If that isn't enough, another service she provides is laying her head on my hand. The one that moves the mouse, and the one I also need to hit the shift key. So you lump along, trying to type with one hand because a furry head is positioned on the other hand.
Right now I have slipped my hand out from under her chin but she is keeping the mouse warmed up for me. Sigh.
That reminds me, I need to see about a cat sitter.
Made her mad last night. She'd settled in, curled up tight against my neck and shoulder when I heard fire engines and an ambulance stop right outside my house it seemed. I couldn't stand it and after a few minutes I excused myself and left the bed. For my reward ( it was 2 doors up the street, by the way) I had to just sleep by myself when I came back to bed! She said she wasn't coming back.
There's yet another service she happily provides. Supervision of your meals, your bathing and your getting ready to go to work. She also helps you put on your clothes by holding on to them. She's just anchoring them so they won't get away..I know. She helps me type, write, read and get some exercise.
Wouldn't do without her though.

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