Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog from August 2005...start of a import process.

The Mayor of New Orleans sure said it right just before Katrina struck the Gulf States. When it looked like New Orleans ( which is below sea level) was going to be spared the brunt of the hurricane by a few miles he said " If the worse case scenario happens and our nightmare comes true about the dikes being breached; believe me! The entire Country will feel the effect." Yes, I paraphrased and didn't need the quotation marks but close enough for discomfort. He was referring to the oil rigs and so on. New Orleans handles about a quarter of the Nation's oil needs in varying ways.
A great example that we ALL can see is: I was headed out to do a few small errands this morning before taking one of my sons back to the City he lives in. I had topped off the tank yesterday before traveling to get him. I was down a quarter of a tank and I have to start midnight shifts tomorrow so I thought " Top 'er off again. It's less painful just paying $10.00 than 18 dollars or more". So, since the pumps were full with customers , I drove on and decided I'd fill up later. I was on my way with my son when I saw the price jumped to $3.00 a gallon! All within an hour. I stopped anyway as I heard that it may well rise to $4.00 before the month gets well underway. ( September). I stopped,and as I just said. While the signs were changed they had not yet re-set the pumps price gauges, so I got a few gallons at $2.57 per gallon.
That will be the last time I would say, that I will see under $3.00 a gallon for the rest of my life.
We had a great time together. Having two of the three was like Christmas Day for me. The other son will be in town for the University's football game. First of the season. Man that is going to cost him some bucks! Is it worth it? But I will, as always, be working and may miss seeing him entirely. I hate that with a passion...that my life is dictated by work schedule.
With gas and the general cost of living going up so much I can instead feel good that I have such a well paying job and feel good that I can afford these prices. Having to arrange my life is the price I pay for a good job with a great salary. Not to say the lack of sleep on any shift...days or nights... doesn't sting as I just don't sleep well knowing I am under the gun to get up. However I am well aware how fortunate I am.
All the skunk odor is out of here. If it isn't then it is so faint that only the most discerning noses could tell there was ever a problem.
See ya Bye

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  1. Walking down memory lane my friend? I'd say you were pretty close to right about the price of gas. Happy importing!