Monday, June 28, 2010


I am more or less blanked today. Could be because I am on the midnight shifts and just got up an hour ago. Not at the top of my game.
But I was thinking even as I wrote that, about why individuals "do" blogs.
For me (and I was asked that once by a reader, cannot think who or why) I started this on a lark. My son has one and I thought it looked fun to do. So, the main reason for me personally is fun.
A secondary reason is a means of communication to friends as well as immediate family as to what shift I am on and when my off days start. That way we or they can plan ahead as to visits, lunches, dinners and so on.
Back to the 'fun' concept.
Have I occasionally gotten swept up in the readership aspect? Yes, occasionally. If something I have written or expressed says something to a reader it is a lovely thing, as then, you find once again there is a like mind out there. It's rather like making a friend. You never see them, likely never will nor will you necessarily know them in any other way than a comment. But, when you see someone whose thoughts are along the lines yours are, it is a bonus. In getting 'swept up' as I put it, in the readership aspect the blog may sometimes become a burden rather than just, well, fun. You might perhaps feel a pressure to create rather than express.
Nothing wrong with that, a blog centered on creative thinking, at all. My point was simply, different folks have differing reasons for their blog. Some have a blog where the focus is to create and have a place where everyone can share their thoughts; others just want to have fun with no pressure.
Do I let that sway me in choice of topic matter? No. They, the readers, have their blogs in which they express their thoughts and I have mine. I go back to my original lines here and say this blog is a communication to all, and specifically to those who keep up with me. And it is a joy as well as fun.
So, off to get ready for work. I am barely even started.

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