Tuesday, June 22, 2010

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I still wonder if I chose a " clunker" person to do the siding.
I know I wrote that Saturday when the siding was finally delivered, the men only stayed 4 hrs. total and it was a sunny day out. I was torqued. Then, Monday it rained a gully washer all the day long. Here comes today and it's 0930...still no sign of them in the sun -washed morning. I was raising heck on the phone with a girl friend when they showed up. Whew. So I wasted a good hour and a half of my day being mad thinking they weren't going to show.
BUT does that mean they'll be here on time tomorrow? No. Does it mean they will stay the course today? No. This is going to be hard on me in several ways. One, I start midnights Thursday and part of the day will be spent napping against being up 22 hours till I see the bed again.
Two..I am always the on-time person. I always keep my word. ( yes, I do..ask anyone who knows me. If I give you my word..you can take it to the bank). I give every laborer who works for me ample opportunity to hear my terms and conditions and ample opportunity to say yea or nay. IF you agree with me to do something in a timely manner allowing, of course, things that sometimes DO happen to interfer, then that's what I expect. DO YOUR JOB! I do. So you should. Especially when you have agreed to do so. However, I am one of few. They on the other hand are some of the many.
I'm still torqued, aren't I?? Sorry, I'll try to work on that.
It IS a beautiful day and I am grateful for it. Miss Cat here wants some attention. Sounds like a round with the ol' fishin' pole, doesn't it?
I was going to put the carrion smelling cactus flower photo complete with flies in the center in this email. However, no way to port it over into the email that I can find. I asked one son for advice and his bottom line this time was 'navigate around till you find a way'. There IS something different about this laptop and its operating system or whatever terminology I should be using..and the desktop. It was so easy to put photos where you needed to. This on..different and we know how computer phobic I am.
Laters, dudes.

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