Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Break Ends from 8/05

Gotta start work again tomorrow. Day shifts this time..the usual 7A to 7P. I will continue that through till Wednesday at 7P and then, the well earned long break!!! Lasts 7 days Oh YES! Then hopefully my other son will come to visit on that long break. I always look forward to that.
Tomorrow however starts with the dreaded physical which involves not eating till after the physical from this moment on. I hate physicals, by the way, hence my reference to them as dreaded. Yuk.
My son has gone home; the cat is snoring behind me and I am about to take a shower and get into PJ's at the early hour of 8PM. I must as I get up o'dark early in the morning. That takes discipline believe you me. But shift work and long hours are a part of my life and I have learned to roll with it.
We have had a fun day since the Birthday Boy got here ( never mind he is a know mom's...the children will always be your little ones regardless of their chronological ages!) but he is gone home now so me, I'll just get the last of things ready to take to work tomorrow and take said shower and start winding down.
So, wish me luck on the physical. I always feel like 1 million bucks even on my worst days so things should go well as usual.

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  1. blah to getting up in the dark and to not eating either ugh! I have to go for fasting bloodwork one day soon :P