Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Charlotte NC Renaissance Faire

I am back from Charlotte where we visited with one of my sons at his home. As mentioned both me and my youngest traveled there together.
We made excellent time coming back but it was pretty bad on the day we left as there as there was a huge traffic tie-up trying to get onto I-26 from I-40. We sat there half an hour trying to get ON to the ramp and another 20 minutes or so waiting to get into the stream of stopped traffic to continue that part of our trip. We arrived late needless to say.
While there we attended D's soccer game. His team won. And a little later we went to the big Renaissance Fair. That was about 40 minutes away, something like that and we had a great time. Got to see jousting of all things done by guys who were dressed impeccably as knights of that time. The horses were " dressed" as well in all the regalia of the times.
There were many shops set up with varying merchandise for sale. I only bought a flower weath for my hair with ribbons streaming down the back. I even wore it to the restaurant much later as for one...my hair was messed up anyway, and for another I wanted to. I figured I had a built-in excuse. Sure enough, one of the restaurant personnel asked if I had been to the Renaissance Fair. ( Thank goodness they didn't think I was plain nuts..though I am sure many other patrons did.) It looked pretty if I say so myself.
D. wore his armor, shield, breastplate and gauntlets. I must say, he made a great 10 yr. old knight!!! And he was as good as gold the entire time. A fabubulously behaved boy! The rest of us were in jeans and T's but you should have SEEN all the workers. They were in full ( read expensive and pretty authentic looking) regalia! A lot of the patrons were also dressed up in Renaissance garb. There were a few however, who dressed Goth. Not the same thing, for sure, but bless their hearts!
We saw juggling acts ( even with running chain saws) high wire acts and the like. There were roaming minstrels, female usually...harp players, plays and other acts too numerous to remember.
I did a little of D's homework that he didn't get done during the week that has to be done today or before school starts Monday. He'll appreciated that!
N. took a lot of digital pictures and movies. Can't wait to see them!
He was wonderful company coming and going. I was fighting sleep coming home as we have all been short on sleep. Strange place and/or beds..you know how it is.
I made two meat loaves for them. One for tonight and another in the freezer for them to bake during the week.
My poor little one, my cat, was lonely I know as she refuses to come out for or play with the cat sitter for some reason. She hides and all she knows is food gets placed there for her.
I was of 2 minds anyway about this sitter. No, nothing is overtly wrong but in my opinion she is disrespectful of her duty. I am referring to the fact that I come home after these trips and NOTHING has been swept off the floor...loose litter, particles of the dry food. Mail is slung thither and yon, as are the newspapers. And the poor girl is just on her own in a large way. One has to stay a bit and persuade the recalcitrant one to come out. Not just sling food onto the floor and disappear meanwhile collecting full fee.
I leave the broom and dustpan in full sight ( never had a sitter refuse to do the 30 seconds worth of clean up before!)
Pet sitters are not that easy to find. I may ask B. if she is willing and let me pay her thought I know she would do it as a friend.
D's team won that soccer match as mentioned above. I THINK that was their first win this season. That was wonderful to get to see! Of course I claimed full credit for the win as N and I were there!!! I like to have froze to death though. It was raw, damp, foggy and the breeze was blowing a bit..maybe 5-7 mph occasionally and just enough to cause me to get the canvas cover for the portable camp chair and try to huddle into IT for warmth as I foolishly came out that early morning with nothing but a T shirt when I needed a light jacket. That was one cold hour. But we laughed, cheered D on and had fun despite all that.
I am tired I admit. Never did rest up from the work week however! That is OK as I would rather have been there than here resting!

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