Thursday, June 24, 2010


Where I live is a very unique city. When we first moved here years ago, we asked the apartment manager how to get to downtown. ( We didn't buy a house for 4, 5 months as there were none available). We were given directions and off we went. We were dismayed, amazed and disappointed all in one when we found that downtown was actually a strip shopping center. Mind it was a big one. It had every kind of store you could ever need..including the so-called big box stores. But there was no traditional downtown. That is because this is a city built by the military hence it was for housing..not commercialism.
Nonetheless, after it was turned over to the citizens shopping had to be accomodated and so several strip shopping centers evolved as did other types of stores elsewhere in town.
It took us several years to even LIKE this city. But it grew on us, particularly as we got integrated into the workings and the school systems which is, literally, one of the 100 best school systems in the entire United States. Now, though my ex husband lives elsewhere, I can't be blown out of here with dynamite. I may as well have been born here I have such a fierce loyalty. The history of this place alone makes it one of the most fascinating places on earth.
There are detractors, some of whom work at the same place I do, though they don't live here. When they have snide comments about the city or its main production; the intellect level, ( extremely high) etc. I will always quickly point out that my city puts some food on their table and vehicles to get here where they work and get a handsome salary.
However..I will soon be off to bed at noon to nap, I hope, till 1500.

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