Monday, June 28, 2010

Cold, man

A son came by and we went out to eat but not before I made a big pan of walnut brownies. (No, he didn't know I was going to do that. GRIN)
We came home and ate some of those and headed out to the marina so he could take some digital photos. He is an accomplished photographer ( there is a link to his page in my page called "Something or Other" if you would like to see them). For a Software Developer, a nerd (bless 'im) he can do most anything! That's mah boy! ( among 3)(advertisements for the other 2 will follow! grin)
We went on to the marina and a huge cold wooly windy piercingly cold snow shower came along as well. We were, like, blasted constantly by all of the above. But two memory sticks full of photos. There were sea gulls there! I asked him what in the world they were doing here in East Tennessee. He offered their GPS must have gone down on 'em. There were Muskovie ducks, Canada geese, gulls. He has some super ones of the gulls in flight. And some awesome close-ups. Took some of me too and I was not tickled with the results. Hey, digital cameras are very unforgiving of ladies of 'a certain age'. Give me the old grainy stuff any day!!
Someone asked me via email what I thought a soul mate is. They offered that there was only one chance for one in this life. I countered that there has to be more than one person on this Earth for you. I also offered that a soul mate is another word or phrase for someone you get along with either on all levels (that are important to both) or at least on most levels. Liking sea food or not liking it for an example, doesn't count. . That's just one of life's bonus points if both do.

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