Saturday, June 26, 2010

Colder'n than....06

My real world is starting again. I'll nap at noon and tonight starts another set of shift cycles beginning with, as implied, midnights.
I'm up...all the girly stuff done, hair, nails, and clothes laid out, food ready.
And it is cold out there. Cold as the heartless neighbor with the mufferless ( is there such a word? I don't think so!) Roto Tiller high noon on my midnight shifts while I try to sleep. By the way, I know well that the neighbor has every right to do as he pleases when he pleases..just it impacts me so much I notice it) Too, when this goes on for three years, it gets old. I asked his girl friend what he was doing and she replied that he was attempting to dig the ground ( with the Roto Tiller) in preparation to building a little out building to store tools. I told her with a forced smile I would gladly PAY for a metal building if it would help the process. She must have told him as he is a bit more in tune with when I am in bed during the day. That's good. He didn't have to do that. That is the plight of shift workers though. You are more or less at the mercy of the neighbors.
The neighbor on the other side is usually excellent when I am sleeping. I appreciate that. However there was the time when a tin roof was being installed during my midnights and the time several trees were cut down during my midnights. Just something you have to live with as no one owes you quiet. It's ME who is out of sync with the rest of the working world..not they with me.
But, I start another adventure (sigh) tonight.
Later dudes

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