Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day in he Life

iminey Crickets! I have been busy as hound's teeth gnawin' a bone.
Got up at 5 this moirning ( oh, that hurt!) and got ready to head out the door at 0630 so as to get to the 2 Dr. appt. I had. Not to worry, it was the Dermatologist with one right after it with his PA.
Went to the drug store and they didn't have my med. They'll have it Monday which makes me have to pick it up after work at 1930.
Came home, re-fed the cat, got a snack and headed back out with 6 watches that needed batteries and 1 of those a crystal. Guys, do you KNOW how much a crystal costs nowadays? That woman at Wal-Mart cracked mine while changing the battery a month ago and didn't tell me. Had it all in a sealed up little envelope when she handed it back. Later I saw why. She had damaged the crystal. Anyway, I took these to a jeweler and turns out a work mate of mine was right. I thought she might be mistaken. $40.00 I will have you know to have the crystal replaced. I decided it wasn't worth it. My how times have changed. Once again I am brought screaming and kicking into the present day times and terms.
Went back out...took the watches in..while waiting went to the grocery, came back to get the watches, bought a new watchband for my Cherished Teddie watch. I have a T tiny wrist and that band was like 8 inches long. I couldn't cinch it up to my specification ( 5 inches) so I ditched the band. It was a cheapie anyway. Band I mean. Ew-glee too.
There were other stops along the is noon and I have to go out again for another EXPENSIVE dermatological type perscription, gas for the car and so on. This will be a busy day but I like it like that. I made no plans with friends as I was far behind in things I had to do because of the family's visit last week. to the races again.


  1. Wow.. You have days like I do. I was going going and then some for a few days. Today Im so tried . I havent done much today . Tomorrow maybe different I hope.