Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did it again. Darn Darn Darn 11/05

Did it again! My on-coming relief STILL thought it was the day later when she came in this morning as did I!! I compounded that by emailing a friend yesterday and asking how their 'radio show went this morning' when it was today that they did the radio show. Thank goodness though that they understood my quick reply before bed saying " sorry, got my days mixed up." If you know a rotation shift worker, you know this sort of thing is sometimes part of the deal. Sigh.
Now. THIS is Sunday, and when I get off in the morning, by gosh it will be Monday! I think I've got it now!!! ( it IS Sunday, isn't it? GRIN )
Other than that nothing new at all going on in my world. Nothing exciting and nothing bad. That's the good part. Things are just progressing along with no perceivable bumps in the road.
We're planning the Christmas holiday time. I have to work midnights then, and we won't have OUR family Christmas till I think the 27th. Or 28th. Again, that's the world of the rotation worker. BUT after this Christmas after all of these years, it will never happen again. I am changing jobs. No more 12 hr shifts and no more rotation. I have definitely paid my dues.
Someone has sent me a very large file. Bet it is a friend in MO. He will not have thought that I still have dial-up and that makes it very time consuming for me if large files are sent. We are having an argument as to whether or not Liv Tyler looks like her dad. I say there is definitely a strong resemblance. He says I'm crazy. So bet he has sent pix of both the mother and father so as to prove his point. It is still downloading as we speak.
Hope you all have had a good day. Each of you who happen to read this. I spent it sleeping ( up an hour too early) but in this part of the Country at least it is a pretty day.
Later dudes

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