Thursday, June 24, 2010

Did it again

Remember a couple of blog entries ago when I spoke of the shiftworker time warp?
Well, last night which was Wednesday night by the way ( I KNOW that, now!!) I was asking my boss about the weather coming up for us. He said it would be "raining tonight, snow the next day with possible ice and then back to clear."
Seems simple enough. However, last night was my "Friday". Meaning though it was Wednesday in reality, to me, it was Friday as we are off now till next Monday morning. Get it? Last day of work? Traditional work week that is Friday, hence we shiftworkers will call any day of the week before a break, " Friday". Conversely, any day of the week that we start a work cycle is " Monday". That only adds to the not un-natural mixups that happen calenderwise.
Anyway, I was concerned I couldn't get my food shopping and errands done Friday morning. He said ( quickly understanding what was wrong) " Let's get the day straight. Today is Wednesday. Fixin' to be Thursday. We will get off in the morning, Thursday." " Oh." said I. "So the snow/ice whatever won't be here till we've been off a day or so."
I can sure tell I am tired after this 6 day workcycle with the 3 days/3 mids. Today, in the subject line of a daily email that goes out to all the bigwigs..I typed in for the date " December 8, 2205." After it had gone out to the 300 so guys and I saw it in the inbox as our copy, I started laughing. Hard. Embarrassing but funny!

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