Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Dropping Ceremony 11/05

Around here, it has been called the "(Fill in my last name) Dropping Ceremony"!!
Who among us has not dropped something to find it started the rest of the day, well, dropping things????
Yesterday was such a day. I started off by re-heating a cup of coffee ( I don't keep the heat on the stuff all day while it thickens to the consistency of oil..I just turn it off and re-heat later).
I opened the microwave to place the cold cup of coffee within. Hit the shelf with the cup and VOILA! The coffee spilled into the microwave and some onto the stove top. Fine. Get out the paper towels and mop up. Sigh. Then, an attempt to re -put the coffee into the microwave results in..yup..another slopover of coffee into the microwave and onto the stove top. What makes this extra awful is I had spent some time spit shining the kitchen the day before. But I digress. Finally get the coffee ( newly filled cup I might add) into the microwave. While its heating, I take out the half and half and manage ( I got distracted by something) to slightly miss the edge of the cup thereby messing my gleaming countertop.
Later, taking a bowl out of the too full cabinet, it slips from my fingers and VOILA! Into the laundry basket. Sigh. Closed the cabinet. Get the bowl. Fine. Open the cabinet with the glassware and whomp! Out falls the pretty stemmed goblet onto the very hard dryer top and shatters into a zillion pieces. Clean THAT up.
Reach for something later in the day and jam my fingers into a hard surface.
Thank goodness this doesn't happen often but once it starts, it seems like you get on a roll! Over that now and so far, so good.
( This may all be called " In Too Much of a Hurry!)"

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  1. You sound like me cleaning away only to spill something.. The other day I had water heating in the mirowave to put nail polish in . .it is then nicer to put on. The water was all over the place . Glad the nail polish was not and did end up getting my toes at least done.
    Thanks my Sweet Sister for stopping.. I love Love your black kitty here also.
    Hugs and many