Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Even Tide

I am just SO grateful to be off for a few days.
I did the house cleaning I spoke of earlier and enjoyed a good hot shower. ( I know, none of this is new nor is it interesting but this IS an onh-line diary after all GRIN).
My favorite part of the day (when I have been on midnight shifts and had just a couple hours of sleep after getting home so as to turn my nights and days around) is having a shower, getting into a comfortable gown and slippers, a cuppa decaf and all the papers I haven't read in my lap.
Of course struggling to stay awake till 2100 is difficult. I hope I can make it till 2200. Then I have a reasonable chance to stay asleep till 0700.
A few phone calls..a few dates set for the next several days and I seem to be off to a busy break. Just the way I like it.

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