Friday, June 18, 2010


My goodness..I was messing around with layout as I am the only one of us who had the pain Jane format. I only got one or two things changed and one of them wound up all the way at the bottom when I wanted it just under my rose photo. I tried to "drag" it to another place, up top, but it stubbornly stays at the bottom.

This illustrates for the second time if not more that when it comes to knowing my way around the blog instructions and layout..I got left behind the door. Matter of fact, they took me away from the back of the door I am so pitiful.

Once someone sits next to me and says "thus and so" I am alright. But intuiting it from the instructions..I have a screw loose I think. An observer would never know I have an education and have lived this long and STILL doesn't "get it". Oh well..someone has to be the example for the rest...what NOT to be like on a blog. :-)

The oldest will be here after work for a while. Already have the meal planned. Nothing exciting..a pizza tasting casserole.

I had better get over there and help The Admiral do HER blog or she won't have any friends at all.

Peace out, Dudes. :-)


  1. Hi Ramblingon,
    If you are unable to drag the about me module to the top of your sidebar, you might want to try using a different browser when you try it again. I had issues using Google Chrome a while back when I was moving things, so I used I.E. instead and it worked. Just an idea :)

  2. I am using Firefox..I can see if IE will work for me. Thanks Gerry. ANY help is deeply appreciated.

  3. I'm in the learning still mode here. I use FireFox too but I have yet to have problems, wait I best not say that...knock on wood. Have ah great day and that casserole sounds delish!

  4. Still figuring things out on this end too. I like it I just haven't sat down and gotten down to anything too fancy yet. I try to pick the premade backgrounds that fit what I'm feeling at the time but I should make some of my own for fun...someday...someday...

  5. Me too Sis. I stopped when I saw there was 240 some themes you could use for two column blogs. WOW I don't have time to search them all but what I saw was cool! When I feel better I am gonna check them out because you know I LOVE TO DECORATE my blog page ;)