Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun, sort of, at work 12/05

There was not much going on at work last night as the thousands in the work force are not there due to the holiday. So, my boss brought in 36 dozen cookies, as many brownies all home made by his wife, bags of candy and such, zillions of bags, and with plastic gloves on our hands and masks over our faces ( he has a horrible horrible cold) we spent a good hour with a makeshift assembly line and assembled bags of Christmas treats for our shift.
That was great fun and for a great reason. We think highly of the shift and it's our way of thanking them.
Did I mention that one of the shift electricians and his wife went to Hawaii ( I never could spell that!) and he brought back a few items for my boss and myself. A red (mind you!) sarong for me along with a puka shell necklace and another shell necklace. Those were gorgeous! I was thrilled!!! Of course I tried on the sarong as soon as I got home Friday morning!!! He also brought a lot of pictures taken and they are totally beautiful. Got to see ( as did he and his wife of course) where "Hawaii 5-0 "was filmed and the statue of the King ( that I will NEVER be able to spell) in front of the Palace. ( King Kamayamaya?)
We, the boss, me, and three supervisors will have our own Christmas tonight at midnight in the quiet of the Office. I have a big bag of gifts to drag all the way in. But they will too. GRIN.
I will pout a little when I get home in the morning, Christmas, and go to bed and more when I wake up at 1500 but, they, the kids will be here soon. And I will never have to go thru this working through all the holidays again.
Whomever reads this, have a wonderful Christmas. If you are with your family all the better. If not, remember what Christmas really is and celebrate the true meaning. Do that anyway.
Later dudes

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  1. I always hated working holidays. When I worked at the AFB civilians had all holidays off.
    You made your own special Christmas at work and it is obvious that you were very well liked.