Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Gracious!

The Big Bad Boogyman Flower...Raaaar!
I am all alone but not for long. They were gone all afternoon..came home for an hour and left again so I took that time to read, brush the Admiral, aka Miss Catt, read some more..take a bath, and in other words, veg.

I got the car detailed yesterday and in one of the blogs I spoke of that. Miyuki looks like a girl again she is so shiny and gorgeous. All hand waxed, tire dressing, the whole ball of wax. And do you has been 2 weeks since I broke out the camera. I was so bitten up with insects those 2 weeks ago, I took a break for a bit. I am thinking of another excursion within a week or so.

I am SO glad to see a goods many of our blog family here. We are a tight knot of friends/family and so glad we are staying that way. It would be awful not to have one another to lean on any more.

I'm tired of the drama over there but I still have a fondness for them. that fondness for Spaces will evaporate at the merest next change. I'm used to them but they are going where I don't want to be.

I have been trying to check in on everyone. Spaces is like a ghost town as far as our family here is concerned, seems like, anyway.

Have a great rest of the evening. Despite Miss Catt being such a completely quiet girl, and me sleeping soundly, the sleep deficit is still very real for me and I am deathly sleepy even this early.


  1. I'm here, I'm here, I'm really here LOL! Love the picture and understand what you're saying about WLS. I'm a simple man and can't keep multiple blogs without it becoming a pain in the neck. Keeping track of people over on Spaces isn't really easy and sometimes it feels pretty one sided when there's not much reciprication...I'm telling you I wonder if we're not seeing the end of a trend. Anyway, I'm standing in awe of it being July on earth did that happen?

  2. Hi you. What is with the sleep thing. It is epidemic with "people of a certain age". I wake up every hour on the hour at night. I don't feel sleep deprived, but it is annoying. Miss Prissy sometimes gets crazy at night and decides she is one of the Flying Wallendas! lol. Too funny.

  3. I left a comment and it didn't post. What's with that? Oops, I bet I didn't wait for the extra word. Did you know you can disable that?

  4. Hi, nice blog. I like blogspot, easier for me. However, I don't post too often.

    Thanks for reading my blogs and for "playing" with me on Twitter.

  5. I'M HERE CAN YOU SEE ME..You needed to be patient with me:-)you don't wanted see me get lost again to on way my home.... I thought was this picture in other place?
    I hope you have a good rest on this weekend.

    Miyuki & aka Victoria & Miles sent me an email to said they NEED have a good rest too ha ha ha

  6. Your beautiful flower caught my eye so had to come get a closer look. I am a bit sleep deprived these days also. Those fun hotflashes. They start at around 3am and don't quit till about 7am. On with the cover off with the covers. The cats have moved from my side of the bed to hubby's side. Finally I have my leg room back at least.