Thursday, June 17, 2010

Good Morning!!

Good Morning good morning good MORNING!

Don't you just find morning people irritating? I'm glad. I want to have some effect!

I exported probably 5 blogs to Blogspot last night. I may give that a rest today. Not sure though.

Anyway, Up and at 'em. Her Majesty allowed sleep till 0645. Riches!! Got up ad fed her, swept the kitchen floor (grit from her box) made 2 scrambled eggs for me, fought her off while eating them, got the rest of the trash and recycle stuff out as they are collecting today, checked on the birds outside, brought in the papers, made a grocery list as the oldest will be here Friday night and part of Saturday. And Mrs. Aint I. Gorgeous there needs more skim milk. She likes her tipple of a couple of tablespoons a day to top off her breakfast.

I wish I could tell you what I found yesterday as a Christmas present for one of my sons. I'm bustin' to tell someone. But he reads this and so I can't but it was quite the find. Two things. Well, a total of 5, but you know what I mean.

I am going to have an absolute bumper crop of tomatoes. There are at least 12 out there in varying stages of development. Only one of the boys eat tomatoes so I will have to put them in paper bags and leave them on porches in the middle of the night so as to not waste them. Wink I don't want to do the canning thing.

Wait..let me go out and take a picture of that monster! Just a few weeks..maybe 6? it was a small plant.

The top one is May 26th..the bottom is today. Loaded with 'maters.


  1. You are so lucky to have that huge plant. If they're as good as they should be, you won't have any trouble eating them all yourself. There's nothing like a fresh, summer, home grown tomato!

  2. That's one big ol' 'mater plant... my friend just got me 5 green ones so I can fry 'em... ooooo I can't wait!!

  3. You know, mother used to force us kids to eat those cursed things. I hate 'em.

  4. WOWIE reminds me of the one I had last just exploded and I had to stake it over and over again.. It will get so tall it is amazing..I hope you aren't bothered by critters eating them before you get to. ; )

  5. Well here we all are...