Thursday, June 24, 2010

Guess what I did? 12/05

I'm tickled. If my son hadn't suggested it we would not have been out looking at homes and their Christmas lights. Time was all three of my sons and I would go out and travel through town looking at the lights. Oh, and guys? That particular set that we used to make a bee line to on Highland Avenue is gone. Sadly. It's been a long time. The folks may have passed on or possibly moved away.
It was fun. Been awhile since I have seen them. I am usually working as I will be for example on 12/23-12/26. And tend to forget when there are no kids to remind me.
I went there and here...wandering and looking. Practicing again not to be in a useless hurry. Now, once I start the work cycle again..I will have reason and need to rush. But not till then.
Just a few words about this evening.
Dudes, see ya

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