Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guitar and all that stuff 11/05

I do think, in an addendum to my previous hour or so ago entry that one is what is called musically inclined or not.
I must be to an extent as I play by note and by ear.
A few of my failed forays into something other than guitar are my attempt to play 5 string banjo. Oh I love Blue Grass. I forgot to include that when I was writing my entry called Music a day or so ago. I bought one and as there was no one to teach me, I bought a book of sorts to help me. Believe me, when you don't know where the notes are on the fret board, you're toast. I tried though and actually managed to get a pitiful rendition of a favorite selection out. Mangled. Then my all time worse attempt was when I just HAD to have an auto harp. Again, there was no one to teach me anything about how to play the thing so I just continued to listen carefully to the sounds each string made and managed to play some old Spirituals on it. Believe it or not. Then, I attempted to play piano. No one of course to show me and who has time for lessons with my awful work schedule. BUT after banging about on the keyboard I found some notes and picked out a song or two. I even faked a couple of chords. Never knew again where they was just listening to the sounds and then going back and trying to find a song in amongst them.
I do have great pitch though. I wouldn't say perfect pitch but darned good. I can tune my instrument perfectly because I know what it should sound like. Something like that.
That's it. Through bending your ear about music.

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