Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here and Now 6/22/10 ;-)

Hey guys, been going thru Spaces and sending them here. Please read if you ain't gots nothin' better to do. But as I said, they are coming here so I can keep them..not lose them as I will with Spaces.

Going to be hot again..upper90's. That will last quite some time. My middle son and grandson too of course will be here end of this week. I'm looking forward to that. Already starting a shopping list of foods to have on hand and planning a menu. Anyone who has read this blog knows the grandson loves meatloaf and mine in particular. So we are certainly going to have one and probably Friday night assuming they get here in time for supper.

I got torqued in Spaces this morning because I had a simple 7 sentence reply in someones comments and it refused to let me post. I knew from others speaking about it that Spaces was doing that. But this was a first for me, and it really burns a person up! That and no stats..Grrrr.

I am headed back out I think. The cat won't come out now because I put her crate out and that means evil mom is going to take her to the Vet, I haven't made the appt. yet but she doesn't know that. Sigh. Why does it always have to be this hard!?

I blogged on the other side, in Spaces. Just keeping currant here as well. (never did learn the correct spelling when I am talking water wise or time wise.



  1. Man, I hear you Carole, I am feeling just plain bitter about the situation over at WLS even though I left it feels like I'm being haunted by it one way or another. I'm so disgusted with the way we've been treated over there and annoyed to death with the crap that breeds on FaceBook...why couldn't FB have died out instead? Ha, dream on I guess! I pray that you can get Miss Catt to the vet, sorry that's being such a pain in the neck.

  2. It is sad and heartbreaking that the thinking (and I say that losely) head on spaces decided to make such a mess. They don't care about us tho do they.

  3. I think the plan since Wave 3 has been to make Windows Live like facebook, and then connect them together. Microsoft owns part of Facebook, and there is more money to be made through advertising this way. There isn't any money to be made through Spaces now. There was a news article before wave 3 that said the banner adds on Hotmail and Spaces weren't effective. I think that was the start of all the changes.

  4. It was easy for me to leave spaces. Over the years I've search lots of blogs for one thing or another and never once did one of the searches take me to a WLS. Not once and I'm not making this up. I really like Blogger with all the gadgets available and the ease of use.

  5. WLS... like walking the dog at the graveyard... not much going on but lots of monuments.

    will send doggie to chase kitty into carrier..

    have fun

  6. Hi Carole. Its great to be here so far.. I dont know how to get around much yet but will learn in time. I can not get around spaces and when I do it very hard.
    Anyways. Have a great day. Kisses to LB
    Hugs to you

  7. How do I add a photo to the top of my blog or banner. I guess I better look into that one too. Love yours and miss the one I have.
    What a change .They do say change is good.

  8. Good evening C…

    I have to admit the comment situation over at WLS was a mistake. I hope they rectify that??? The original BQ still feels like home over there even with it being a sort of a current dead zone. I hope they can resurrect the blog community over there. But maybe this is where those of us intertwined together will end up???

    Facebook…Well,it is Facebook. What can we say…

    Gerry is probably right, it is all about the money.

    Well, need to go check my pork tenderloins on the grill. One peppercorn and one sesame teriyaki.

    Sleep well…Greg

  9. It is always amazing how clever the feline is!

  10. I really like the look of your new posting place. Beautiful! I too, have started moving stuff over from spaces.

  11. Thanks Carole.Try not to worry about Paris. She hears the fox too and is at the door . She is growling . Guess I better head out and get that little girl.