Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home *and* Age is a State of Mind

Had that hot shower I spoke of earlier in an entry and now I am in a long nightgown. Going to be in the high 30's tonight. Certainly not cold like that here in the house but it will be a little cool as I always turn the heat down for the night. Snuggled under the covers so it won't matter. Cat is usually snuggled into my shoulder so she shouldn't care either.
One of my sons spoke of time and the aging process in his blog. I liked that and I remembered when he was sixteen years old on a New Years night speaking of all the changes that would occur in the next decade for him. Graduation from high school, the University, career, family and so on. It was just one of the mature things from him I had heard up to that point.
His blog entry made me think along these lines myself. He said, but in different words than I am saying here that one is simply as old as one is. To the person who is living their life, there seems no change in a manner of speaking. ( no, he didn't say that particularly, *I* am saying that). One doesn't feel necessarily conscious of getting older. One simply expands in mind and experience ( we can do without the "body expanding reference, thanks so much.)
I for one as do many others feel almost shocked to gaze into the mirror and see myself as a woman; never mind a woman of a "certain age". I don't FEEL like a woman, I still feel like a girl. Oh of course occasionally things go bump and I am conscious that I am not as flexible as I was; I am conscious of the fact that I probably would be better served not to go skating ( my knees) as I would love to do. I am very knowledgeable that I cannot wear the fashions that absolutely collar me and beg to be purchased. Oh, I want to! Oh, I suffer, but OH I can't be seen in embroidered jeans now. I dare not wear the BoHo tops. So many things, and I have to pass them by. But my heart and mind says " Man, that's the coolest thing I have seen in a long time". Hence lies the hook in this. A long time. Yes, I used to wear those, a long time ago. Fashion Police and critiquers on the street will remind you with a snicker or a glare when you show up dressed the way you feel. A teen. So, I just look longingly and pass on by. Perhaps though " they" won't particularly notice that I buy all my jeans in the Junior Department. After all..they aren't too flared nor are they embroidered. But they ARE fitted..lovingly!
Dudes, with that I will close the topic. Maybe.

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