Monday, June 28, 2010

How's THIS for a Fine Howdoyodo?

I was running late anyway what with reading the blogs. So I gathered up that canvas bag with all the stuff I take in to work, my cell phone (off) and my keys in my hand to hit the road. It was 6 in the morning as I stepped out and locked the door.
Half an hour previous, I had been standing by the TV and the security lights came on. I opened the door a little and heard and saw a large dog. OK. I went on doing my hair and getting dressed. Heard the dog panting again as I opened the deck door. OK. Maybe he'll be gone I thought. I have a high privacy fence on the street side of the deck but I was peering thru its cracks.
So, out I went and I was challenged by a big German Shepard. He roared up to me barking and snarling. I had a choice (not) of trying to get into the car, turn back and try to get into my house again meaning unlocking etc etc. while he was surging around me. I could stand there with that big heavy bag and swing it at him to defend myself if I had to. But, to my intense dislike I head a man's voice saying something. Then my attention was drawn to a man and what looked like a boy (but I later found it was a woman) who had been crouched in the 32 degree cold for a minimum of 35 minutes in the shadows of the tree across the street. It was their dog. They finally called him off. His name is Jason, by the way!! But he only backed off maybe a couple feet. They kept talking and I couldn't hear them over the loud barking. Finally they rose and came towards me saying they always took the dog (who was leash-less, obviously) for a walk at night. Um, yes. Take the dog for a walk without a leash; let him harass ME, crouch in the weeds peering at my house for 35 minutes in the bitter cold. Check. I got it. This was at 0420 hrs.
How do I know it was 35 minutes minimum? The dog set off my lights 35 minutes before I left. It was their dog. They were partially hidden.
Not the way to start your day.
I got in the car, fired up the cell phone and called the police. I also called my neighbor and rousted her out of bed to watch them as they were pretending to walk by the inches slowly away.
As always, you wish you'd seen them; you wish your reaction had been better when you did.
AND you think about getting your legs chewed off by a vicious dog.
It will bother me some when I leave in the morning, my last day shift but...I am a great shot, I have a can of mace...and I don't get rattled that badly.
Just thought I would tell you and it further serves the purpose of getting it off my mind.

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