Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Huh? Whazzat? 11/05

Howdy. Been up about 20 minutes. There was a certain cat who wanted me up very much about 1240. Thank goodness she shut up AND I was able to get back to sleep. She wasn't polite this time as she was yesterday. Loud.
But in this 20 minutes I have cooked and eaten my breakfast. Working on my first cuppa coffee. That title above was all about how fuzzy I still am after having been up for so little time. And if you could see all the typos I AM catching and correcting as I use a mallet to type this entry, you would admire how few there are ultimately, when I close this blog in a minute!
Had a good shift. COLD I guess. Was supposed to be 19 but was in the mid 20's instead. But who can tell the difference really? I shivered my timbers as I trudged up the hill to the parking lot. However due to a decent wind ( about 7 mph) most of the night, we none of us had to scrape frost off the windshields before leaving for home.
Reminded me of four years ago when it was -4 degrees. I went to the parking lot and as it was windy, there was no frost to deal with, but there appeared to be a crackly look of ice formed on the window. I was dazed after having been up so long a time and just unlocked the door and got in. At that time, the entire..not just a portion...drivers side window completely shattered. Part of the glass in the car; part out on the parking lot grounds. I had no choice but to drive all the way home in sub zero cold and the open drivers side window ( that wasn't.) Not an experience I will ever forget.
One of my sons helped me out while I slept. He called The Glass Doctor, they came out, replaced the glass, got the money from my neighbor ( per my instructions) and I had a window when I awoke that afternoon. I knew my neighbor would pay the amount no matter how many hundreds. What's more, I didn't even call over there and ask first as I had no doubt. That is the depth of the friendship. And of course, I would do the same for them.
So, hope that doesn't happen again. I never knew what cold was much, till I drove those miles home completely exposed to the rushing wind at -0.

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