Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ice with that?

just finished cleaning house. Got up at 1230 hrs. So, 4 hrs sleep. Trying to turn my nights and days back around for the 3 day break.
I was standing by the deck and I hear ice pellets falling. Sleet. Hopefully there won't be much. I haven't turned on the TV at all. Been listening to ear splitting rock as usual.
I was telling the family today that soon after I feel into my deepest sleep this morning..there were five explosions outside somewhere. I am too familiar with gunfire so I know those weren't shots. There is only one transformer close to me, and it wasn't that either. The power was still on and there were 5 separate and hugely loud explosions. It jerked me right up out of sleep, heart pounding. I didn't get up as to do so would ensure I would have a tough time getting back to sleep regardless of all the hours I was up.
I called my neighbor who of course heard them as well and had no idea what they were. We both agree they weren't backfires, they weren't gun shots, we ruled out electrical problems. It IS a mystery. I am very curious though.
I was watching PBS last night. They are having a contribution drive and so they trot out the oldies but goodies as evidenced in my entry a week ago regarding their presentation of the concert with the original Cream members. Last night it was Carly Simon. It was great hearing her aboard the Queen Mary 2 in concert. Been singing several of those all day since I got up. Of course she sang " You're So Vain" and " You Belong to Me". Pleasure to hear and see.
The house as mentioned, is clean, the bed linens changed, the cat's asleep and all I have left to do is take a shower and shampoo. Headed to the Salon tomorrow. Save myself time if I just shampoo it myself instead of waiting on them to do it.

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