Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Incredibles

I have had a nice day. Lunch with my youngest son and then off to a mega shopping place. However one of the Stores we were led to believe was there for University items, isn't. I called the person who told me that but it wasn't there. We were going to shop for a new vehicle for me however my middle son talked me out of it. So, we bypassed the car dealerships and just went to the mega mall. However we wound up just going to a well known pet store and there I got something for my little cat and a gift certificate for a friend.
That completed my Christmas shopping. I am done. Nothing is wrapped, as I wrote yesterday, however, I have separated out everything so as to see who gets what and who may have been missed.
Then we came on back to his house where he treated me to another DVD of "The Blue Planet" ( a 6 DVD series) and then, "The Incredibles". Man, that was GOOD! Well, they both were, but I thoroughly enjoyed the animated one where at first I was doubtful. The animation was great! There were some subtle jokes throughout too.
Anyone who knows me knows too that getting me to sit still and listen to anything for several hours like that is nigh onto impossible. Therefore, it is easy to see that I enjoyed both DVD's.
By the time I actually started home I was unfortunate enough to have the sun right at that impossible to avoid angle and I was partially blinded all the way home. Yes, I wore my sunglasses but nevertheless it was awful.
Soon as I got home, had to feel my little Lady who was pacing and looking at her watch wondering where in the world I had been! I also put the brand new 'Racket Sack' out that I bought for her in that pet store. She laid down on it. Now, after being fed and appeased she is on my bed asleep. Doesn't hurt that I broke down and turned up the heat some as well. Heaven knows what the natural gas bill will be like this billing cycle despite she and I being a little uncomfortable.
Had some phone calls when I got home. One fellow has called twice and I have been gone both times.
I have already started my so-called assembly line of little bags of cereal and snacks for the three day shifts coming up on Monday. I've done the wash, dried and folded and put away. I WAS going to get the car washed this morning before I went off to K-Town but there wasn't time. So poor thing will have to stay dirty a little longer unless they are open tomorrow.
A small headache but otherwise I am doing great. Sure in a better frame of mind than I was.
Later dudes

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