Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is That You, Margaret?

Ladies, lock your doors when you are at home. Dudd'n matter if you are alone or the family is there. And by the way, that goes for your vehicles too when you are out and about. Pain in the neck, yeah, but one day you may be glad you did. We have all read in the papers or heard on television about what the reporters call 'home invasion'. That's when the dastardly deed doers jest 'walk right in, set right down' and make themselves at home. ( after knocking ya upside the noggin)
A friend came to see me yesterday when I was sitting with an audience of one (small cat), in the throne room. This friend would never have just opened the door and walked in, no. And the house door was, as is my habit, locked. However, it reminded me of an occasion when someone did.
I was just back from grocery shopping and after having been out for several hours, headed straight for the small inner chamber after dropping the grocery bags onto the counter.
Thinking no profound thoughts, I heard the door open in the kitchen and steps sounded on the kitchen floor. I shot up and slammed the chamber door shut. Thought that was probably not the best idea in the long run and so I shouted (I hoped not fruitlessly) " Who is it?" The answer was benign so the surge of adrenalin ceased and I was able to come on out and greet my caller. Thankfully a lady friend.
But my whole point really is, you do need to keep your doors locked as it may not be a friend when you hear steps over your threshold.
I can see me now doing my best Chinese Emperor imitation as I haul butt down the hallway with my jeans flapping in the ankle area challenging the " home invader"!
Just up an hour ago. I guess that means I start another midnight shift.

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  1. I was mortified to find I hadnt locked my apt door the other night- I usually do that & put a homemade alarm on the knob. My plan of action is to do what an elderly neighbor did when a giant of a man walked into hers...She commanded very loudly "GET OUT- NOW!."
    When I am in the parking lot I plan on commanding "GO AWAY--NOW"! and not giving a crap if they have a gun. I can/have triggered the Crazy Lady to come out in the past- Scary works, just look at Mohamed Ali he knew how to use it :)