Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's 4 o'clock in the morning..really

Wow. That has to be THE worst night of any night I have ever tried to sleep.
There is always, at least with me, some tension as it were, on the first day/night back to work. But this time was a lollapalooza! If I got 4 hours sleep I can count myself lucky. However I have to go in, no getting around that. I read first; the cat decided to sleep elsewhere, so wasn't her fault. I turned out the light rather late for me @ 2100, and not off to sleep I went. I turned, I whumped the pillow, I added a pillow, I took it away, I rolled, I changed sides both of me and the bed..just one of those " I'm still thinking!" nights. Bet I sleep tonight though!!
It's 0414 hrs. and I have had my eggs and toast, coffee and Diet Coke. Can't get any better'n that!
I'm taking those peanut clusters I made in for my work friends. Hope they enjoy.
Hope anyone reading this has a great day. I intend to have one of the same, myself.

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