Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's a good thing 05

Good thing I am practicing how to slow down. I got up this morning and had breakfast. I was going to dress and do the makeup thing etc. The phone rang. A very dear guy with whom I worked before he left the Dept. called and we went over the entire Dept. before we hung up. I was trying to put on clothes while talking (not easy when you're a woman and wear these items men don't.) Gave up on that and tried to do some of my face..apparently too conscious of time passing..but that's hard to do with the phone squashed up between your shoulder and half your face. Sat down. Got up...still talking,. But finally I gave up and just waited.
Got myself out the door at noon and hot a couple stores. Just got a baseball shirt for me. What IS it with these jeans that have the voluminous thigh compartments!? I tried on one pair..supposedly in my size. Man..the thighs stuck out like jodphurs!!! They were low rise supposedly slim cut (and I am not a stick figure by any means) and too big. Not in the waist but in the legs..especially the thigh area. I didn't buy them needless to say. Man, I found some jeans ( already wrote about that) ONCE and bought as many as I could lay my hands on. The brand and supposed style is still there in the store but they are too big in the legs. Men's jeans are all relaxed now and you can't even find slim jeans in the men's Dept. Drives me nuts trying to find jeans that fit (read 'painted on').
Oh they say, if that's all I have to worry about I have it made.
Later dudes

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