Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Monday all Over 2/06

Here it is Monday, even for me. That just meant that when you are a rotation shift worker, any day of the week is liable to be a Monday. When I went into work last week on Friday after my break, that was a pseudo Monday to me!!
But, I start my midnights tonight and finished my day shifts last night. Like a bad movie that keeps on with the re-runs. :)
It is an absolutely gloriously beautiful sunny but still cold, day.
I will be back in bed at noon to attempt a long nap before tonight and so I won't be able to get out and enjoy it. However I DID get the dead field mouse out of the closet while the cat's back was turned.
Got all my girly stuff done before the nap. Hair still in rollers ( hot rollers fall out too easily or I would gladly use them...curling irons make a disconcerting hissing sound when I use them as well as the wafting scent of burning hair in the air around me discourage me from using those either. So, 3" rollers it is for a couple hours. My nails are shining..hey, what's not to like here?
Several of my favorite blogs went private. I'll miss those..they were fun and thought provoking.
Nothing new whatsoever. For that I am grateful as the past several days were more or less action packed :) and I could do with less of that!

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