Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Saturday to me 10/05

Since I'm taking the day off tomorrow, I postpone the dreaded day shifts by one day. So I can still be happy to be off instead of having the " gotta go to work" syndrome. I'll have THAT tomorrow.
Just returned from a little trip to the stores. Got a not needed pair of jeans. Low rise, boot cut and size 9-10. Hard to find jeans cut slim enough to suit me. I don't have thunder thighs nor a bountiful butt and so all that material is going to waste that the manufacturers add in for more endowed below the waist folks than I am.
Woke at 0400 after a very fitful night. I kept waking up as the sole of my left foot was itching to beat the band. Man. Drove me nuts. I know what it is and I have a topical gel to apply to it however, it did not help last night.
Was so sleepy after so little sleep that I had a nap in the big chair from 0730 till 0800 with the cat on my lap keeping me warm. We napped half an hour. Instead of feeling like my usual million dollars I am somewhere about 500 thousand dollars worth of feeling great.
First returns are in. Most who got the pictures of the house liked the siding job.

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