Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 29, 2010

Whatta day! HOT and HUMID . The boys are here, so I am cooking. Made Swedish meatballs and egg noodles and man alive was that GOOD! Had corn on the cob too, and broccoli with cheese. Dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing. I am bursting. OH my BELLY. And French vanilla ice cream... the premium kind. Nothing too good for the birthday boy.

Got the car detailed.$$$$$$$ but worth every penny. Miyuki looks like a new car. Got my new car cover on for the first time. Nice silky like one. Fit great.

Got more grocery shopping done (every day so far) to feed everyone. Too Miss Catt to the V-E-T! She was swooped down upon, gathered and lowered into the carrier..the heart rending sounds commenced. But she is still 10.3 pounds and has not budged an ounce in a long time. She seems so healthy except for her pitiful allergies that she did not have to have her blood test to see how her hyperthyroidism was doing,.as her weight says- all is well.

Speaking of her, she was in such itching misery last night that she pulled out all the stops calling and alerting me (jumping on me and calling) in the bed from 0130 onward. It was a horrible night..and the boys had to listen to it too. I couldn't wait to get her there to the v-e-t. She should be much much better now.

My tomato plant is still flourishing. Nothing is ripe, no, but the maters are still there and not bored into by bugs that I can tell. The plant has about 15 tomatoes in various stages.

Just saying hi. Red heart Since they're here I'll likely pay attention to them. Wink


  1. I feel bad for you with the darn heat and humidity. Your supper sounded really good and french vanilla no less. I hope Ms Catt is feeling better and you all have a great time.

  2. My tomatoes are trying to make some tomatoes. Got a few green ones and lots of blooms. My biggest issue is deer! So far so good.
    If you like chocolate cake, get a recipe for Juilia Child's Queen of Sheba cake. *thud!*

  3. I love Swedish meatballs. Feel like sharing a few or at least the recipe? Mmmmmmm.....

  4. You have been busy Miss Carole. You had the same idea almost my daughter in law had. We were at dinner at my son and had almost the same expect for grilled steaks . Chocolate cake also . I couldnt eat enough.
    Poor LB but sounds like she is dong well. Only a Mamma can do that to her who loves her so very much.
    My tomatos are tiny and do have a few but all green.
    I know I have been busy when I see the date of my last entry here .
    Have an awesome day Carole. Hugs

  5. Enjoy your visit with your children . :)

  6. Sounds like good times asside from the Furry Mrs. suffering but now I expect she'll be doing better. It's been a very hot couple of days here...dangerous storms may come in by tonight to cool everything down...we'll see. Have a great day Carole.

  7. It all sounds delicious. I bet you guys ate it all up and there is none left.
    I hope you get some of this cooler weather that we have had for the last 3 days.

  8. You were busy with your boys but I bet you really enjoy cooking and be with them:-)
    Hope you have more new tomatoes coming?
    Enjoy every day,
    xoxoxo Sis.