Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Look Out..Here it Comes Again

Howdy! the six day thing starts in the morning. The three days and the three mids. I will be headed to bed in an hour. Got up early so I could do that.
This hasn't been a bad day by any stretch but it wasn't the totally carefree and wonderful day in all aspects that it was yesterday. One learns to appreciate that type of day when it comes and one always hopes for another just like it on down the line. Interestingly, I found out why it was so good for me yesterday physically. I accidentally took three over the counter pain relief pills instead of my three calcium pills. They both look completely alike and yesterday happened to be the one day I didn't carefully examine before I popped them into my mouth.
Consequently, no harm done and as a matter of fact I had the first pain free day in recent memory.
(My lower back, for those of you who don't know me). Hurts 7/24/365 but not excruciatingly..just hurts. Limits my movements. Those three Ty..oops, can't say that..knocked the pain right out. However, you can't take 1500 mg of the things every day. Says so on the label. So I am always under " medicated" for that back pain in deference to my innards. May be over the counter but they are liable to harm you if you abuse them by taking too many for too long a time. But man..I was really doing well yesterday. House work, dancing, you name it. It was great and I couldn't figure where that gift of movement came from until I almost did it again this morning..except I looked at the pills this time and say they were the OTC pain relief. Not the calcium.
You may say " why on earth doesn't she have those separated?" I do. Just in very similar containers. That has stopped now.
And to the person who emailed me that wonderful email about angels watching over...that meant a great deal. You know who you are. :)
Later, dudes


  1. Please don't mixed up the pills that I don't understand person non made mistaken?
    My pills kept in original box.
    Anyway you have had a good day without pains:-)
    xoxox Sis.

  2. Loved your the Virtual Cat so cute:-)
    she like played with me...