Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lord Nelson '06

The repair guy is here. It will be cold while he works. For him, that's for sure as he is now out there in the below freezing temps. I will be cold soon as he turns off the unit. Whoops. Talk about timing..there it goes. Off.
Tomorrow starts the 6 day thing. The 3 days and then the 3 mids till I get off work again next Thursday at 0700. I will be reading blogs but probably Sunday evening when I get home for my 24 hr. break and turnaround to midnights will be when I write one.
I have little to do today with the exception of getting things ready for the 12 hr. shift tomorrow.
But I have been thinking about Lord Horatio Nelson, my other hero aside from Napoleon. The two, Nelson and Napoleon were enemies and Napoleon has the most of my hero worship as does Josephine, first his mistress later to become his (Napoleon's) first wife. Lord Nelson also had a wife and then a mistress, Emma. She later rose to some power. As did Josephine by the way although neither lady would have become as powerful as they were without the husbands they had. Perhaps Josephine would have, now I think of it. No, not Empress of France. Only Napoleon could do that for her (and crown himself!!) but her, Josephine's, political savvy was uncanny and no doubt she would have risen at least somewhat on her own. And she knew how to manipulate on many levels. Not just the expected ones. Emma too was a manipulator however she didn't have the same level of learning that Josephine did. She depended more on her contacts made after her discovery so to speak, as an artist's model for Romney. This telling and powerful beginning was brought about by her paramour, Greville. Oh this isn't a book report. I need to stop. Sorry. I get carried away.
This is a later addition: Lynn ( My Second Life) said that the men mentioned above probably would not have gotten as far without their women. I agree with that almost completely. Those two men had an edge to them that I fancy average fellows didn't have and they were already successful before they met the two who eventually became their wives. However...big however...Josephine really DID enhance her little Corsican. He was rough- edged and only concerned with the Military. His family sacrificed to send him to France and to school. He gave it his all, and that was a LOT. When he met Josephine, she smoothed many of the rough edges and cajoled him into a certain social setting with the requisite manners to go with that setting. That in turn caused him to become acquainted and network with those French aristocrats who would help him somewhat in attaining increasing power.
This is all just my ideas. I don't profess to be an Historian nor am I particularly educated toward these things. Just my opinion and thoughts on the matter.
Later dudes

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