Thursday, June 24, 2010

Madam Blogsalot 12/05

It was a fun day. I drove to the "Big City" and one of my son's and I took a bus to extreme downtown ( Christmas traffic ya know) and attended a hand bell "concert" at the Episcopalian church there. I have never been present for that wonderful thing. I've heard it on TV but never been present at such a thing before, so that was a very real treat for me. After that we took a trolley to another place further away and had lunch, trekked to a certain store ( can't say, one of my sons will know what they got for their birthday in January if I say where we went)..then waited on a bus again to take us to the other son's apartment and from there, back here to where I live. The whole thing took about 5 hrs. I would say.
But COLD!? Yes it was miserable waiting that 10 minutes or so for the bus this early morning. Man, the wind was whuppin' along and the temps were cold enough to see your breath. I was bundled up but still cold.
The trolley driver had a startling hair color. It was flourescent red/orange. I thought it was a wig but I heard her complaining to another passenger that the person ruined her hair. I will second that. Were it me, I believe I would have worn a wig or a deep brimmed hat. However she was probably just at the age to drive a bus/trolley thereby being young. She can take it; I couldn't. GRIN. Vanity, thy name is________. ( insert my name here)
I made spaghetti and meatsauce tonight with huge rolls for supper. No salad or veggies. Why take up the spaghetti's room with veggies I say?
It is a pleasure to have one of my son's here. I was looking at the Sunday edition of a popular comic called "Zits". It is largely about a middle aged couple..the dad is a dentist, who have a teenaged son. Sunday, it showed the mom supposedly unzipping the back of her son's shirt. It was a fantasy of course, but it showed the son's outter shell as it were, falling to the floor and her once-again little boy bounding into her outstretched arms. The next several frames showed her playing a game with him as a perhaps 6 year old..both smiling and laughing..her reading him a story while they were both sitting in the big chair together, and several more nostalgic things like that. The last frame showed mom just standing there near her son and his dad with the son saying sotto voce " dad, talk to her. She's been standing there staring at me and sighing all morning!"
Oh, I guess all we mom's know the feeling. Sometimes, though we are happy our children are grown, successful and independent of us..we long for the days when they were ours to love and teach and keep safe. That happens of course because many times we miss that look of happiness when they see us, and the verbal expressions of love. Little ones. Treasure them if you have them. Time is so short.
My belly is full though I had a small serving of spaghetti. I am not used to starchy foods. It affects me adversly but man, it was worth it.
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