Thursday, June 24, 2010

making changes

For anyone who knows me personally this is really something.
I can't tell you how long it will last..probably today is it, however it is noteworthy on my personal level that today I rose at 0800 hrs. That in itself is really something as, to me, the day is half finished at that hour (blame that on the very restricted time I have free due to work). Not only did I rise at the unheard hour of 8 but I had a leisurely breakfast and sat at the computer catching up on all my other mail and accounts. Then, at the crack o' 9 I started cleaning house (as usual for me on my first free day) and began hurrying. Again, as usual for me. It finally occurred to me: "Um, what's the pressing hurry? Do you have a grocery store appointment you have to keep otherwise there is no food till the next appointment? Will the gas pumps turn you away as soon as you insert the credit card weren't there 'on time' ?
Are the roads closing and you won't be allowed to use them..O Horror! later??? " That was my internal conversation with myself as I realized what a rush I was in. I am always in a rush. In fairness to me many times I have to be, as there are so many things I must do packed into a short space of time. But not today. I have seven days and evenings to get things accomplished.
I reflected too on how many time..admit girl, EVERY time I have rushed through off time, visits, you name it simply because of an internal pressure to hurry and get to the next task or whatever was ahead. Bad news, folks. Not a good way to go about living.
Could I turn into a forever and always late person. Oh man..I know that will never happen and I can't stand those who make you needlessly wait. But, can I stop and admire the day/sunshi

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  1. Now that's more my pace. I am so not a morning person.. I tend to work better under pressure anyway. So it tends to get done at the last minute. Hugs Carrie