Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Merry Christmas to me the hazards of shift work 10.05

I headed off to get some light popcorn ( hate popcorn but it fills a person up some) and some apples ( same there..don't like 'em) and some half and half. (I like that!) along with a couple pounds of grapes. Satisfied with that, I headed to a Department Store and got some Chanel Coco Mademoiselle parfum. Oh, I love that stuff! I have been trying to talk myself out of it as it is 3 figures but hey, if I don't buy it for me, no one else will. I can afford it, so, I did.
I am gearing up for work on Friday. That means setting the clock for o'dark early tonight for tomorrow morning so I can be somewhat sleepy when I head into bed Thursday night at 2030 hrs. and get up REALLY o'dark early Friday and begin my 6 day run of days and mids.
Have my little assembly line-like run of stuff to do before hand, already started. I am referring to non perishable foods apportioned out for the first 3 day shifts. When I get my 24 hr. turnaround Sunday night, I will do it again for the 3 midnight shifts.
The cat and I are hungry. We may be pretty women, she and I, but no one is busting down the door to feed us tonight so we guess we will just do it ourselves!
Trying to work out the knotty problem as to when we as a family can gather and have OUR Christmas. Looks like on the 27th of December as I will be working midnights all through Christmas till the 26th at 0700 hrs. However, I start again the following Friday after the 27th and that means no one can really stay here with me more than 2 days/nights unless they too want to get up at 0330 hrs. with me as I am up, and there are full lights, camera and action and cooking breakfast till I leave. No getting around it. We'll work it out.
Later dudes

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