Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Money in a Jar 11/05

Someone just reminded me that they know for a fact that I DO have money in a Mason Jar. And they even know where I keep it! They read that blog I wrote yesterday. I forgot my closely guarded secret was not so closely guarded after all!
It got to 23 degrees here where I live this morning. Yesterday it didn't even get up to 40 for a high. Well, you can't have it all.
I got some rubberized 2 inch or so long "jacks" for my cat in that superstore everyone knows and goes to ( and spends too much in because they have everything!) and she took off running. In happiness I mean. I fugured if she likes the pull -off plastic thingies that go around milk bottle lids, she's liked those. But as with everything, she said " Cool. What's next?" I have a plethora of kitty toys in a large glass bowl on top of the fridge that I rotate in and out of the bowl when they have been away from her long enough that they become new to her again or I give some to other friends' cats.
I was dismayed to see a local ( next large City over from me) newspaper columnist wrote a humerous story on leaves yesterday. I wanted to do something like that for my blog and it was going to be almost like hers was. I can't now or someone would say, " Hey, didn't I see that in so and so's column?" Rats. But suffice it to say I am up to my knees in leaves. And the danged things aren't but half down. The oaks hold on to their leaves longer than any of them. I like to wait till they are all down till I pay someone to rake/blow. However, they are so annoying I am looking about for someone to jump up and say they'll do it. And in two parts. Of course, my sons won't do use asking. Oh, they do other things..don't get me wrong but leaves aren't their strong suit. Not mine either. I can blow the suckers; I just can't keep bending to get them onto something to take them over the fence. Back, you know.
You ever get " struck" by something of great importance ( you know that instinctivly) and have to deliver that message so to speak, to someone?
I have seldom had that happen where it pertains to someone other than myself. But it happened this morning. I had to get that thought to someone. What they do with it is their decision.
Bought a pot of mums that almost look like gerbera daisies. Pretty yellow and pale orange. Have 'em on the deck next to the magnolia shrub that will surely die in the cold as we go along. I have no room for him in here, that magnolia. I have other plants here sharing the one place I have for them. That guy, the magnolia is so big he can't come in. I hate that too.

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