Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mother's and Kids

I went to the local K-Mart to get a dust mop and a few other things and while standing in line to pay for these items, I heard from the front of the store a little child's voice saying with tears in their voice " I'll be good. I'll be good." That put all of us in line on the alert as it were. I for one kept straining to see what was going hand on my pocketbook to just leave the line if I had to.
Eventually they made their way into the store. It was a set of parents (presumably) with two little ones. One little girl maybe 18 mo. old and a little boy who is about two and a half I would say.
He, the little boy was the one crying. He had tears in his eyes as they made their way further into the store.
The little girl was in the cart, the little boy walking. As they came abreast of us in the line, it just broke my heart. A little precious blonde haired boy with his pacifier in his mouth and tears in his eyes. The mother leaned down close to his ear and threatened him. I stiffened and drilled them with my stare. She jerked that little jacket from his hand. Jerked him, not too roughly,to come along with the others. I left the line. I followed them thru the store for awhile assessing the little fella's look. He was well cared for, well fed, clean and neat and he did have his little pacifier. I came to the conclusion that she, the mother was stressed. That doesn't excuse being unloving and unkind to a little defenseless sweet heart.
Which brings me to my point. God instills we mothers with a super abundance of love and compassion for our children. And it spills over to other children as well.
I can only assume that this mother was impatient for whatever reason and unable to pay attention to the love in her heart. I know too that I am well supplied with love for little ones. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable and sometimes a little sad if I feel something is wrong as I felt this morning in K-Mart and I make myself ready to come to the child's defense if need be. And when it's a little boy even more so. I had three of them after all and little boys will always have top place in my heart.
I will do battle on behalf of your little ones regardless of how I may look to the general public at large.
And no, I don't go charging after people with drawn sword. But I will watch you and listen. Just in case.

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  1. My mother's mother died when she was 8, and she was not bestowed with those qualities unfortunately not even through instinct. Good that there are women out there looking out for ones without a voice. (wish I could comment without having to sign into a profile)