Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music 10/05 Cream

I am like totally amazed at Eric Clapton and his guys. They are on my local PBS station right now...their group a long time ago, "Cream". Man, I mean AMAZING in talent. Looking older for sure; the drummer is 66 and I don't know any 30 year olds with the stamina he exhibited in that concert. That was total aerobics all the time without cease. But sounding great. Just as they always have.
Like the Stones..here they are in their late 50's and early 60's and they sound just like always. The way Mick moves..just to over use the word..amazing.
Still sexy after all of these years.
I am and always will be a rock and roll girl..er..woman. The louder the better and only the good stuff will do. I drop years of age when I hear anything good like that. I have ( can't get away from that) my chronological age but my internal barometer really is forever young.
That reminds me. I am always fond of saying that each time I look in the mirror I feel betrayed. Who is that middle aged woman in there? That CAN'T be ME! I feel 17 and I always will. ( Thank goodness I don't dress like it though..well, maybe in the jeans I may. But I do try to stay away from ripped, torn and otherwise decorated jeans. I'll give me that!
Hey, play it louder and c'mere!

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