Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music 11/05

To me, there is nothing like music to change a person's mood.
That isn't news to anyone I realize, but sometimes when you really think on it, the effect of music is amazing.
Of course, different strokes for different folks. I have as many classical selections as I do hard rock and love them both equally.
There are times when I listen to classical music of course. Those are not to be unexpected when I need to concentrate. When I had to re-learn Algebra in order to take college level math courses guess what was playing in the background? Classical music turned low enough to hear but not so low as to lose the experience.
One can always tell when I am particularly happy. The loudest rock I can find is sure to be playing. The way to tell that I am neither here nor there in mood is to observe that no music is playing. It becomes intrusive to me then.
And I think I wrote of this before. Memories attached to certain music types or a particular selection are enduring just as scent associated with an event, person or mood is always there to remind you. ( Hm..I do believe that is something close to a song title!!)
I was listening to a selection of rock this morning..perhaps medley would be a better word, and found myself, as always, dancing by myself in the living room. The cat declined my invitation to dance. Fancy that!
When I am on a work schedule, no music touches these little ears. I have no stomach for it as work is all consuming and there is no room in my mind or heart for it.
Let me be away from that place with no obligation to it and it's blow your doors off time.
Let's see. What's next in my playlist?

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