Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My new Acquisition.

As you know, I went gold prospecting in North Carolina and all I came home with-- besides two tiny specks (which truly was a thrill for me) of gold was this new sprig of flowers ( I will only buy the better quality artificial as I love to see people smell them and say how nice they smell..and yes..it HAS happened!) and this pretty pink and blue pitcher. Hope you like. It's on the oak library card catalog cabinet I got there the trip before last. I'll tell ya..that consignment place is addictive. There is an oil painting with a fall scene that I really really want. If it's still there next time, I will get it.

Sitting here waiting on the hot rollers to do their work. Then I go out before it hits the high 90's. I was a melted blob on the sidewalk yesterday it was so hot and humid. We had a "feels like" of 100.

I'm still laughing at Rusty's remark about a cat scan yesterday. That was a perfect comment.

I wonder if I can cut and paste and put this in the new Blogspot blog? I wonder io MSN will tell us their plan before roll out? The answer to both is likely "no...not in this lifetime."

I can't get into several Spaces at ALL. That is really the pits as they are, of course, valued friends and blog family. I will keep trying. Too bad "they" won't give a clue as to what they want to accomplish while making it so hard. I think we know though. Face Book like.

OK. 'Nuff of that. It's been said and re-said.


  1. Actually, you can easily take your blog written and published here and also publish it on MSN Spaces using Windows Live Writer. Publishing to my 3 different blogs only takes me 3 minutes using the Window Live Writer. I love it. Just write the blog, publish, go to Blogs in the menubar and select the next blog you want, your writing stays there and you click publish... it's easy pleasey!

  2. Nice pitcher and plant! We don't have much in the way of fake plants but may want to concider it since often in the past we've not had very good success with live ones. I had some trouble using life writer to post here for some reason...always got an error but I wouldn't think cutting and pasting would be an issue. You know I second you about the problems with Spaces. I think that the writing is on the wall. I'm not a person who really laments losing blogs from the past or whatever there thus why it wasn't as hard for me to move. Perhaps more will follow as things continue to deteriorate. Only time will tell.

  3. Hi Ramblingon, I think this is a good home for people who want to have a blog, rather than another facebook setup. I really think they are in the process of closing Spaces down. But here on Blogger they have added many new features and improvements over the last year. I don't think they will ever shut it down. I hope you have a nice day!

  4. Ok, the prospecting and the card catalog cabinet...this sounds familiar. Did I follow your previous blog? Me thinks so!