Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Opinion

You know what I think? I think that some people, both male and female are just born nice and remain that way throughout their lifetimes. We know all babies are sweet but so are some grown people. It shines like a star; there is no mistaking a good, kind and nice person.
Sometimes, when those people are approaching adulthood they make a vigorous effort to shield themselves from what they may have grown to consider a vulnerability. A liability if you will. They shield themselves by trying to form a toughened outer demeanor and sometimes even a more restrained inner persona.
This happens I feel, because of the old false adage ( my opinion after all!) that 'nice guys ( gals) finish last'.
Perhaps they feel they signal " Take advantage of me. I'm a nice guy/gal." and seek to disengage themselves lest they are betrayed by others if they show their innate kindness and inner sweetness. And I strongly maintain that the word "sweet" should not have become a word never applied to men or boys. It has become a stigma to a male when he is told that he is sweet. Why, that would make him weak, wouldn't it? Not in my opinion.
I know I am in the least of the population with that attitude.
However, my point.
An open, loving and trusting attitude toward family and friends even with the caution dictated by today's culture of crime and terror is not undesireable.
I know, I can hear you laughing all the way here. But I speak largely from experience. True, I am a woman and we as women supposedly get a faintly gentler " ride" on the road of life. ( Gees, in how much more of a corny way could I have said that!?)
Back to my point.
Never lose your ability to laugh with delight, not with derision. Never stop looking at the gift of life with anything but awe and gratitude; for there are many hard lessons along the way that really DO make you stronger and strengthen your faith. No one ever said ( another corny phrase but true) that life is easy. It wasn't designed to be easy. We're not here for " easy".
Never allow your innate sense of decency and importantly your love of your fellow man and one another, to cease. Don't put it on the back burner for an occasion when you have analyzed and now feel it's safe to love. It will rarely happen that you feel it is a safe thing to care for your fellow and follow that through.
Don't put all your childlike ways behind you. Note I did NOT say "childish") The child within frees you to laugh with the delight I wrote of earlier. Your child within allows you to revel in the moment, to just BE impulsive and actually jump in the leaves you just raked. To sit and swing on the opposite side of the swingset in the playground with the " other kids". Why NOT!? Do you want to skip down the side walk? Yes? Afraid you'll look rediculous? Who really cares? Do it! Have a race to the bus stop with your kids. Give yourself permission to be you.
Your child within lets you love your family with the expectation of love back. And that love is generally there for you. When it is not, that is not implied permission to become hardened. You are charged to love one another.
If you are 20, if you are 40 or 50, makes no difference. Love and that child within keep you young both in heart and appearance. Locking out love for fear of abandonment or to be an adult or all grown up is a sad mistake.
Let others trust you and delight in your company. Many blessings will come. Some recognizable, most not as such but nonetheless they are there.
Hold your family close. And gather your friends near. Live as if you mean it and live as though YOU matter.
Later dudes

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