Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Naming Things 10/05

I wonder who else besides myself names inanimate things?
I don't do that for every inanimate object, just for those who become, in a manner of speaking, family members. Lest you think " this woman is nuts!" no, not really. Just slightly off kilter regarding a few things.
My vehicles have both a name and a sex. I find that when I purchase a vehicle it is usually a male. I have had a few female vehicles but that was some time ago. My present one is a male and was given the name of the car it replaced. The vehicle it replaced was a muscle car; namely a Camaro Z-28 ( fully loaded with everything including T tops )whose name was Zack.
Zack was going along Kingston Pike in a large city near here minding his own business when an imbecile in a Ford Windstar van had the temerity to run a red light and cross the intersection in front of us. Poor Zack T boned that van. Not his fault.
"You shoulda seen the other guy"!!! That Windstar was destroyed. It's door, windows, windshield, fenders, wheels, it was a mess. Totaled. My Zack on the other hand, outside of looking like he needed dentures ( his grill was slightly askew and his headlight was looking a little tilted on the left side) came through seemingly unscathed.
After the requistite Police visit at the accident site we soldiered on 16 miles to the house. Zack carried us in style and still, beauty.
Called the insurance agent after my visit to the hospital ( I will never in all my life EVER laugh at whiplash jokes again..I thought I was going to be paralyzed I was so numb and OH! it did hurt!)
Anyway, I digress. I called the insurance agent and got the requisite instructions to take Zack to several body places to get estimates.
To my utter and total surprise, he was declared totaled. In my innocence
about matters mechanical I didn't know what that meant fully, as to me, outside of needing some small cosmetic repair, he was fine.
But he wasn't. There was the question of him being very well maintained with all genuine GM parts. To replace his parts would have been expensive (and now I can't recall the extent of his maladies) and his frame was somewhat bent.
He was a proud thing. Beautiful and classic. He was a 1984 model with only 63,000 miles on him though he was 13 years old.
The insurance company said they'd give me quite a bit of money for him as he was so well maintained and therefore he was sold as salvage. We in the family decided we would look on it as Zack was going on vacation..not being salvaged.
The day they came and got him ( he was still carrying me about town in style) was genuinely hard on me. I watched them load him atop on of those trucks whose name escapes me..where the car is loaded on a flat bed and carried rather than towed) and when the driver went up the street and passed the house on the way down with Zack being carried away forever, I admit to the sting of tears. I lifted my hand and gave a small little wave to him as he passed on by. The driver thought I was waving at him.
Several weeks later I was faced as are all folks who have had their car destroyed by someone else through no fault of their own, with going into car debt again. That accident cost me $11,000.00 though I was innocent of wrongdoing. Everyone knows what that is like. The insurance company gave me like $6200.00 for Zack despite his age but one has to combine that with one's own funds to buy another car.
Just a small story about naming, about affection for inanimate things sometimes and life right here in my home.
Later, dudes.

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