Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now it's Christmas for us 12/27/ 05

ALL of the family is here and now it is OUR Christmas ( thanks to my shift work).
One thing I got was a bottle of Joy perfume from Bruce, my middle son and for another thing a portable MP3/DVD/CD player from my youngest son Neil and lots of music CD's and lots of other things including a new coffee maker. It does espresso and frothy type coffees. It was great! I already fired it up. My oldest son Erich gave me some fabulous tapes! Of course there was much more but I am just highlighting some things.
This is wonderful having the whole family here. Several live close by but the middle son lives in another State. It is just so special having them here. I can't express how wonderful it is. I am so grateful!
So it's Merry Christmas to our family right now. Next year it will be on the actual day.

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  1. Happy day for you all. I love it when all of the family is together.