Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OK I got it! 11/05

I got it now. Have it down pat. When your guest is sitting and rubbing their hands together rapidly, it may have something to do with the coolness of the room. 1+1=2. I think I may have gone too far in trying to conserve the natural gas that heats the house. I just turned up the heat a little a few moments ago and yes, it sure feels better. Too late for my guest but I at least will be warm(er).
I got a comment. I was told by the guest that they had been thinking of me prior to the visit and " in a good way." I raised my brows and I was told the following: C------ is careful." ( that being my name C blank blank blank blank blank since I never seem to put names in here). I heard that and like totally cracked UP! I doubled over! I could not quit laughing while they stood there. " Well, you are!". That renewed my laughter all the more. Several examples were given all the time I was laughing. I had tears in my eyes I laughed so hard. As I told someone in an email a few minutes ago, it was one of those " you'd have to be there" sort of comments and then be able to take it within context. Best laugh I have had in two days!
Also got help taking down the kitchen light cover. It is big and bulky and a little bit too high for me even with a step stool. I am such a shrimp! So it's clean now and reinstalled.
Great day though. Sunny and cold. I headed to a grocery store to get turkey and so on for our Thanksgiving meal that will have to happen on Wednesday as I go to work on mids on Thursday, Thanksgiving night.
When I got home and put things away, there was no turkey! So I had to go alllll the way back to the store that starts with a K. and ask for it. Luckily they had it stored knowing I would be back.
House is cleaned is played with once anyway and brushed. Music played to bust our eardrums. What's not to like?

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