Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Party of One

Ah shucks..it seems I am having a party, but I am the only attendee. Mostly I am in a partying mood because I am on long break. Seven days and nights of freedom ( paid for dearly with unremitting 12 hr. shift work). BUT I am in a partying mood! I am free!! However, I am also so sleepy since I was up at 0330 this morning, ( my day shifts rising and shining time!) my eyes are burning and that's not a heckuva party way to be. BUT party I shall simply by knowing I am not obliged tomorrow to go to work..and by taking a wonderful bath AND applying the ubiquitous faux tan! Yes. It's everywhere..all the time. On me that is. Then, clean linens and a restful sleep as long as the cat says I may.
I got no takers to my question my other blog entry where I asked any cat owners to tell me how I might persuade the Lady here to get peacefully into her carrier and go to the Vet without trauma to me and to her. Dang.
Tomorrow will be full of errands, cleaning house and getting my hair done and luckily, friends. I will be busy for the next 4 days and nights.
Man alive I am sleepy!!! Don't know how I am going to be a big girl and stay up till 2200 never mind later than that the way I would like to do! My bedtimes are earlier than a primary grade school child!
Later, dudes...the shower calls.

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