Saturday, June 26, 2010

Question and an edit..I explain why I asked.

So I have a question. It is thus: When does one give in to one's chronological age? What do I mean by that? Well, not cosmetically. One always wants to look ones best.
I mean, when does one cease attempts to be " young" regardless of their chronological age? You can read that as in mode of dress; activities, interests, and the like.
Should a 60 year old person for an example realistically push themselves to feats of action or suchlike or realize their limitations in reaction, speed, endurance and so on.
Should a woman of " a certain age" dress in mini skirts just because she is slender? When does a pretty woman become...a handsome woman? A man who flirts, an aging Lothario?
Should men or women who are in advanced middle age or older marry those who are a generation younger than they?
Should one push oneself into the currant mold of youth when one is old?
When do you start to look rediculous or garner the pitying looks from others?
What are the guidelines? Are they realistic or are they societal?
In case you're wondering, I don't do any of the above. I am just asking.
Later dudes


  1. Some say you are as young as you feel..if you feel old then you will act that way. It changes with age and all sorts of things. Today I feel old because I am tired,maybe tomorrow I will
    feel younger. :-S

  2. What other people think or expect should not matter really. One should I think, just organically do what feels right in the moment and stop if it starts to feel wrong.

  3. I've often thought about this one. The fine line between dressing your age and looking like a fool that's hit their second childhood or is having a midlife crisis is a subject that's interesting to say the least...or am I showing my age? LOL! Lovely really helps me keep my head on my shoulders with such things. I figure she's got far better sense than I do...what I'd do without that balance? I have no idea!

  4. Sensible is code I guess and mini skirts are out for anyone over! Physically you must keep tabs on yourself to know what you can and cannot do. Marry and older person say a young gal and older man, well they must know that his 'drive' will wither before hers! Not all men can take the 'pill'. Generation gap maynot seem like a problem at first but later on it will show in many forms. It all depends on how you were raised and where etc. When your old-er companionship is worth everything. I do think a book ought to be written eh?

  5. I think the trick is to always be comfortable in your own skin. "To thine own self be true." If it feels right to you and you are comfortable with it, it doesn't matter what the world thinks or says. Be yourself and the will be just fine.

  6. Of course why I posed the question is I saw and have seen on too many occasions, ladies of "a certain age" who, while slender, had NO business in trendy teen clothes yet..there they were.

    And the old man-young woman, young man-old woman just kills me when there is a 25 or more age gap.

  7. Ya well, some women are jist floozies....LOL!

  8. You did ask alot of question . I do thing mini skirts and short shorts are out for so many women . I wouldnt wear either and thats me. Im comfortable with who I am , what I wear . I think too Carole thats the answer. You have to be comfortable with who you are inside and out.
    There is a fine line . As for marriage . I have seen it all almost.
    I loved your blog. Good one.
    Hugs my Sister . :) We found the fox with babies. I didnt go and see because they are now gone. I hope the Mom is too. It was very close to my house. No wonder I could hear her at night with her bark calling her young and in my yard.

  9. PS. I have a friend in her Sixties. She is a snowbird. Its hot down there and she wears shot shorts. She looks so good. Slim , tanned . Not tight but very nice so that is a difference.
    Now you have me thinking about this.

  10. Hi Carole, I guess I would have to ask who am I dressing for? I was at Walmart today with my husband and I sat and watched in my wheelchair and many that you have described in your post went by me...I said a prayer...

  11. I can dress a bit weird sometimes but that is the way I am. I go through fazes. There was a time I dressed in such bright colors hubby always called me a parrot. Then I wore nothing but black. I wore long flowing skirts for awhile. Now I wear just above the knees these skirts with shorts under. I try to wear what I feel good in. I don't care what other people think... What shocks some people is when they surpise me at home in my rags and mismatched cloths I sometime throw together to work in.

  12. I think If you have confident to wear dress you would like to wore that okay?
    But you never suit you the younger fashion dress?
    Thats too much though even hair style from back she has beautiful a long hair then I look at her face ... poor lady a bit too much lol!
    Every things in moderation :-)
    xoxox Sis.

  13. Good morning C…

    I had to come by and catch up on this little entry…

    Contentment. Oh a precious commodity if we can grasp it at any age.

    Nope…We can’t do what we once did. Sure our minds try to tells us we can. But our bodies say…”You dope!”

    Lothario? I have to admit I had to look up the definition of this word. Silly, old flirting men!!!

    Guidelines for dress just depend on the person. Come to think of it I was watching Larry King Live the other night when Raquel Welch was being interviewed. We all know that she was a sex symbol in the sixties and seventies. One does not have to be blind to see how well she looks for her chronological age. But what I really noticed was how she dressed. No longer was she exposing herself. She was dressed elegantly, fashionably, for her age.

    As for age differences in marriage? That also depends on the situation. But you women have the difficult part…Us men don’t fully mentally mature until we get into our sixties…D’oh!!!

    Have a wonderful week…Greg

  14. P.S. - I think Joe should quit wearing his short shorts and mini-skirts.

  15. Another thing...No skirts when chasing tornadoes.