Monday, June 28, 2010

Ready for my Closeup

I am up...close to ready. How do I look? Sterling silver jewelry today and do ya like the white shirt and black velvet cardigan?

I have been listening to the random sounds outside which usually I don't thanks to the event of yesterday morning.

I have the task of going and coming back in the dark most times except full summer. A few years ago, I was in another Department, same place of work and my hours were 6 to 6. Still a shift and still a rotation. 0435 (or 1635) found me rolling into the parking lot. I brought that up because after the stalker I had a few years ago (wrote about it somewhere in the blogs, months ago) and now this event from yesterday morning, as a woman, it's not always the optimal thing to have to be gallavantin' around in the dark even if it is to your car from your kitchen door.

The cat was right, by the way. She's still on patrol but while I was doing my makeup yesterday morning I heard gnawing in that closet she is affixed to! So, I did set the trap. I can't open the door to see if there is any result as she will run in there. If the trap isn't occupied, she might get pinched. So, when she's occupied elsewhere I'll check. Of course, common sense says if she's still interested in staking out the closet door, the mouse is still there and alive. She did come in last night after I got into bed and stayed on my chest long enough to say goodnight and left to do her duty at the closet door. I know..boring. I'll quit.


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