Monday, June 28, 2010

Running or at least walking fast

Been out all day. It's 1519 hrs. so that's a long time. Loved it all. And for the 3rd of February, I can't believe I needed the vehicle's air conditioning on for a while. It got downright too warm in the car. Partial sun and dark clouds both. Supposed to snow tonight or/and tomorrow. Go figure.
Now that I haven't any excuse to avoid it via errands to do, I guess I need to go clean the tub and tub surround. Sigh.
I'm going to make some chocolate walnut frosted brownies to take into work Monday. I seem to bring something about every month when I start that particular set of day shifts. I guess it's an internal celebration that once I get those 3 shifts done, it's long break (7 days). Hopefully, weather permitting, I will try once more to head over the mountains to Charlotte on the weekend of the break. Too iffy though. Last month, it was snow, heavy amounts in the mountains, some snow locally and a suspicion of snow there. I had to give up and remain home hence missing one of my son's birthday. That's OK though as after September, time will not be an element in my plans.
I have made no plans whatsoever for this particular break. I haven't called anyone nor have they called me. So this may be some real and restful downtime for me. I like it either way as long as it isn't work.

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